quarta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2008

"Habitat, Nomad and Jeffe" - The creeker trio

The last three months the readers of my blog answered the question: "Which is actually the best creek boat?"

I was not surprised that Wavespot Habitat, Dagger Nomad and Liquidlojic Jefe were the most voted, but it was a good surprise see the last creeker on the market (WS Habitat) the favorite for the readers. Rolling, outfit, speed, boofing, keeping the line, turning ... in my personal opinion the Habitat is the most balanced creeker actually.


Wavesport Habitat - 111 votes (30 %)
Dagger Nomad - 99 votes (27%)
Liquidlogid Jefe - 77 votes (21%)
Pyranha Burn - 28 votes (7%)

Rabiço enjoys the Habitat in Guil's triple shut. French Alps.
Photo by Matthias Thomann, May 2007

Alpin Gear

Photo by Rabiço, May 2007

Senador Ricky ressufacing the Nomad.

March 2007, Ribeira de Frades, Portugal.

Photo by Rabiço

Benoit with his Jeje in "La Bone",

a beautifull black gorge in the french Alps.

Photo by Elisabeth Thomman, May 2007

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Anónimo disse...

Bah! It's not a proper poll if you don't have the Disco on the list.

Disco - finest creekboat ever!

Anónimo disse...

Pyranha Burn Rules